Who Now What Now?

TL;DR: Mighty and Charming are two 30 something Americans. Mighty has a job which lets him work from anywhere with Internet and Charming quit her job to raise their son born in early 2013. They were inspired to take an epic journey across Europe in September of 2013, an idea which took 9 months to pull off. They are traveling for a year in what they call #ProjectWanderlust and this is the record of their adventure.

The Story

Once upon a time there was a handsome prince named Mighty. While he probably wasn’t born with it, at some point Mighty acquired a strong sense of wanderlust and wanted to see so many beautiful and amazing things in this world. But he was married to an evil witch and she said “no.” He was sad.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named Charming. She WAS born with a wanderlust and since she was a small child, Charming was desperate to travel and see the places that she read about. But she was married to a giant ogre and he said “no.” She was sad.

Then one day someone dropped a house on the evil witch and Mighty went on his way, wandering about for a while.

Years later, Charming ran away from the ogre.

Mighty and Charming met, fell in love, and had a little baby boy that they called The Cap’n, and all was right in the world . . . mostly.

Because that wanderlust was still there.

Mighty still had so much he hadn’t seen yet and the only stamp in  Charming’s passport was Canada. They thought moving a state and a half away at a moment’s notice was what they were looking for, but it only made things worse. They found themselves watching travel programs, and talking long into the night about where they would go, if they only had the chance.

Then one day it happened.

They realized they DID have the chance.

Charming stayed at home with the Cap’n and Mighty could work anywhere as long as he had internet access. Even places that don’t have BBQ sauce. Or peanut butter. Or toilets that you sit down on.

And so the planning for Project Wanderlust began. A year-long adventure that will span from the western-most coast of Ireland (maybe), back and forth through Western Europe, into Italy, and over to Istanbul and Jerusalem (perhaps). A month here, a fortnight there. Long enough to get to know each city we stay in, and then on to the next place.

Crazy? Perhaps. But let’s be honest, so is everything about Mighty and Charming.