Things I Learned from San Francisco

I had a business trip to San Francisco this past week (wherein I left Charming and the Captain behind to finish the last bit of packing . . . I know, I’m a peach of a fella), and I learned some truly invaluable lessons for the life of a traveller:

  1. If you only think you packed your chargers, you didn’t. Go check. Twice.
  2. The best way to prepare for walking a lot is daily exercise. But if you can’t do that for whatever reason, the second best preparation is living at 6,500 feet elevation for a year and then going to sea level. Everything seems suddenly way easier.
  3. This relates to 1, but A.B.C. Always Be Charging. Get yourself an external battery pack (affiliate) . . . or two. As you can guess I forgot my charger but with my two extra battery packs I lasted most of the week despite ridiculously heavy usage.
  4. If you can, visit a city where you know a local who is passionate about their city. I was shown around by someone who knew SF inside and out, and she made the trip for our group.
  5. Get a FitBit/Withings/whatever. You’ll still be exhausted every day after tromping around a city, but when you look down and can say “Oh. No wonder. I walked 15,000 steps today,” you’ll feel a little justified in wanting to cut your own feet off.

I’ve already posted photos from the trip which I took. You can view them right here. It wasn’t technically a part of Project Wanderlust, but we’re just so excited that I couldn’t help but add it in! 🙂

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