The Olympus OM-D E-M1

As most of you know, I’ve always been a Nikon man. Not for any particularly amazing reason, just because my Dad always had a Nikon film camera, and when I started begging for a camera which wasn’t point and click when I was in graduate school, he and my Mom went with what they knew. That camera was a Nikon N75. It served me incredibly well as a starter camera and I loved it. I still have it, somewhere.

Since then, my gear has gotten significantly better (and I’d like to think that my work has as well), purchasing both pro and prosumer cameras, but always DSLRs and always from Nikon.

Well that has now changed.

For this trip, with the help of a lovely gift from my parents (which I’ve not actually gotten yet, but I signed for as it arrived, so I’ll just have to act REALLY surprised on my birthday next week), I’ll be switching over to Olympus’ micro 4/3rds system, the newly released Olympus OM-D E-M1.

While I was initially skeptical of the entire technology (really? Better pictures from smaller sensors? Rabble rabble rabble), a great friend of mine got his hands on one of these beautiful devices early so that he could write a review of it for a well known photo mag which shall remain nameless. He let me play with it, and it was love at first touch. It was so light, responsive, and yet still took fantastic photos. I’d show you all links but it would kinda give everything away.

Once I’ve had the thing for a while, I’ll update this post with some impressions, maybe some test shots and a review or something; though lots of ink has already been shed on reviews for it. In any case, really excited to get my hands on it!

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