Give us a shout-out, London!

This entire adventure has been one wherein we’ve been fighting against feelings within ourselves.

On the one hand, both Charming and I are planners. We feel the need to set out as much as we can in advance to make sure that we don’t manage to leave the country without, ohhhh, I don’t know, my work laptop. Because I could see it happening (you know, my worst nightmares).

But on the other hand, we like to see this as a chance for adventure as well. And no adventure starts with a set schedule which was generated over 6 months in advance!

So we made ourselves and each other a deal. We would reserve the first two months of living quarters and our flights now-ish, and then once we got there, got the lay of the land, we would figure the rest out. See where we wanted to go, what we wanted to do.

You’d think that wouldn’t be too tough. And yet. AND YET.

Paris went off without too much of a hitch. As we mentioned, we arranged for a flat there a month ago. But London has been a TOUGH nut to crack. We had to raise our budget limits by an ungodly amount just to actually be in London and not out in suburbs, which would take 2 hours or so to get into the city (which rather defeats the purpose). But finally, FINALLY, we’ve got a place. It’s in the Holland Park area, within walking distance to Kensington Gardens, and it looks gorgeous. We’re super excited!

So now we only have to rent out the house here in Colorado, buy some tickets, and we’re off on the Wanderlust adventure. That’s some crazy stuff right there!

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