Budapest – First days!

So here I am, in what is frequently thought of as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe (no kidding . . . if Wikipedia says it, then it must be true!), and what am I doing? Writing a blog post! I must work for a blogging company.

Well . . . I’ve arrived! In fact, I did so almost a week ago. Since my first couple of days of conferencing, I’ve had an absolute blast with my co-workers from Automattic, both while site-seeing (plenty of photos are linked below or from the “Photos” menu item up top), and also while working together to generate a new and cohesive on-boarding process for new-hires into our Support department.

I’ve learned so much. First off, come to Budapest. It’s an incredibly friendly city, especially if you make any effort whatsoever to speak Hungarian (which is difficult at first blush, but you can get it).

Speaking of languages, there is always more you need, but I’ve found that while walking around you really MUST know the following words in the native language:

“Excuse me.”

“Thank you.”

“How much?”


That’s all! If you can fit in “Do you speak English?”, then you’re golden, but if they speak English, you can probably ask that in English.

I’ve also managed to accumulate a few funny stories, but my laptop battery is at 2% and I don’t get signal where I have a charger, so I’m going to have to sign off. I’ll update you all soon!

Here are some sample photos along with links to the actual galleries. Enjoy (and for each photo there’s a little “I” that gives information on each picture including a map of where it was taken. For the photos that I knew anything about the subject, I put it in as a keyword as well)!

Write the Docs Conference:

Walking Tour of Budapest:

Group Lunch, Szent István-bazilika, and Dinner on the Danube:

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