Beginnings . . . They’re so auspicious.

Now this is the story all about how
My life got flipped turn upside down

Wait wait wait . . . Wrong story.

This is actually the story of Project Wanderlust, a year-long (probably) adventure across Europe featuring a thirty-something couple and their toddler boy-child. Feel free to come right in, explore, read some stories, check out some pictures, and maybe catch up with us at one of the locations where we are/are going to be.

But if you do . . . please . . . bring (good) BBQ. These European places can’t BBQ for shit.

Oh! And peanut butter. The Cap’n is going to go into withdrawals if he doesn’t get his PB fix!


There are going to be some Mighty awesome photos here.

And our Itinerary is going to be living right here.

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