And so it went

I suppose it’s time to make an announcement. A big announcement.

We have decided to cut this trip a bit short. In the immortal words of House of Pain: pack it up and pack it in. It is a decision that didn’t come easily or cheaply (word to the wise, if you make ticket purchases on British Airways and have to change said ticket at any point, pretty much don’t bother. All that money you just spent? It’s gone. Ignoring the extortionate fees, they have such labyrinthine set of rules in order to allow you to change your ticket that you are functionally unable to. In short, while on paper you CAN change a ticket in reality you cannot), but one that both Mighty and I feel is going to be for the best.

This has been an amazing adventure, it’s given us a lifetime of memories and more than that, the confidence to just . . . GO. So what if you have a toddler and a job and hate flying? It’s a big world and you need to go see it. Don’t psych yourself out about it; just pack your suitcase, book an Airbnb rental (no really, we cannot recommend Airbnb highly enough as a platform), and buy a ticket to somewhere. Anywhere! But heed the warning above about tickets, of course.

So, what now? We’ve already landed on American soil and will be moving back to Arizona for a couple of reasons. First and most importantly family. That includes the families that we have chosen for ourselves from the amazing friends we have here and those that we share blood with.  Sure, you all drive us insane, but in a good way (mostly. I’m looking at you Walnut and Ciara Dogs). We missed your faces and since you won’t all pack up and join us on Project Wanderlust, the only answer is to come back to you. We’ll be headed back to the flat in east Mesa as soon as our renters have vacated and we’ve had a chance to go to Colorado and get our stuff from storage, a fun little exercise you’re all invited to participate in. Speaking of which; yes, we will miss Colorado. A lot. But: FAMILY.

I bet the big question you’ve all got is WHY?! Why the expense? Why cut short the trip? Why do we always write in such a weird style? I seriously contemplated ending this post right here with a “To Be Continued . . . ” television cliff hanger, but I’m not a complete jerk (no comments!). Also, you know where we live and some of you aren’t afraid to shank me. So here it is.


Are you ready?










This happened.

The Closer


(That, for those of you that aren’t sure, is a baby and the world’s most expensive souvenir to ever come out of Barcelona)

Mighty really should have known better. He keeps saying that I’m not allowed to go places. We go on a cruise and Malcolm comes home with us. We go on a trip to Colorado and we get a house. Now this. Man, I’m not going to be allowed ANYWHERE. 🙁

While this little surprise wasn’t exactly what we’d planned to bring home from this trip, it’s definitely a better take home than Ebola. We couldn’t be happier and we hope you’ll share in our joy as we welcome little baby Hephzibah Loquatious (kidding . . . her [yes, her — a baby girl] name is going to be Georgia Marie) to our family some time around March 20, 2015.

7 thoughts on “And so it went

  1. I’m very excited to be a Nana again. You do know you could move to Seattle to be near family. However Mesa is close and I can fly there so I’m very excited. Congratulations and love to you all. Love mom

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  3. Congratulations to you both – and thank for sharing some of your time at our wedding! I hope to come to visit you in your exotic-most-beautiful Arizona in the next two years, whereupon I shall meet not just one, but TWO little ones? How exciting!?

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