A quick note about the site

Some of you may have noticed that your favourite travel blogging site (that’s us!) has had an addition made to it. We just recently added some advertising by Google AdSense.

GoogleAdsenseSomething which we’ve talked about quite a lot is that Mighty works during our adventures while Charming quit her job to raise the Captain. It is an arrangement that works great for us, but that missing paycheck is sometimes . . . well, when you’re buying a round of plane tickets once a month you miss the extra income!

So we have added some advertising to Please Send BBQ, and in the coming weeks you may see some curated items which we’re going to offer for sale which we’re creating off of Mighty’s photography. We are very specifically NOT entreating you to go click crazy or anything (that is specifically against the rules, and we we’re not like that anyway). We just wanted to explain the ads and assure you that we hadn’t been hacked or anything! 🙂

2 thoughts on “A quick note about the site

  1. Y’all might want to consider getting an Amazon affiliate banner. People buy ish on Amazon all the time and the click through is an easy way to send a couple shekels (up to 10% of the purchase made after the click through) to fund the adventures of Mighty and Charming.

    • It’s something we were experimenting with when we first set up the site, but since we had such a long lead time we didn’t do anything with it and let it fall by the wayside. You’re totally right though. Plus, we got like 90% of our gear from Amazon so we would be sending people there anyway. Thanks for the tip!

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