A fortnight in Barcelona

I was doing so well too. I was updating really regularly and saying (what I thought) were interesting things, but then nothing for such a long time.

Why? Ahhh, well that’s always the problem, isn’t it? When your entire job is working on a computer it becomes so much harder to spend those extra minutes to update others in any meaningful way, especially when there are microblogging alternatives right there at your fingertips!

In any case, my time in Barcelona has come to an end, and I have moved on to Paris. The travel itself is worthy of a blog post (and not a kind one at the expense of EasyJet, I might add) and maybe I’ll tackle that next. Let me tell you first that as I type, all of the photos which I also completely failed to post are right now in the process of uploading to the PHOTOS section.

So how was Barcelona? It was sincerely the most under-rated city I have ever been to, hands down. I still find myself utterly shocked by how great of a time I had, how beautiful I found the city, and yet how rarely I heard anyone suggest it as a destination (I think only one person recommended it when we were planning our voyage).

It was so great, in fact, that Charming has pretty much insisted after having seen my photos and heard me gush that we are going back. I’m not sure when yet, but I’m pretty certain it’s going to be sooner rather than later in our trip. It’s a good thing then that I didn’t get a whole lot of sight seeing done outside of that first bus tour and my pedestrian wanderings, otherwise I would just be bored!

So below I’ve gone ahead and included a wee sampling of some of my favourite photos from my time in Barcelona. I hope you enjoy them and again, feel free to go visit them properly over here.

3 thoughts on “A fortnight in Barcelona

  1. Barcelona <3 I'm so glad you enjoyed your time there! I will now go immerse myself in your beautiful photos and plot my next trip there …

    • And we actually can informally announce that it will be our next stop after London. Charming was so jealous of all of my photos and whatnot that she decided that she wanted to see it as soon as possible. We just got confirmation from an airbnb host this morning. We’ll be staying for the entire month of July. You’re welcome to come and stay for a day or four and cowork . . . there’s an extra bed!

      • You don’t know how badly I want to take you up on that coworking offer! Sadly, I’ll be stuck at home in July. (Ok, not so sadly. We’re having a slew of visitors that month who are sure to make things fun around here!) But I’ve been promised a trip to Barcelona later this year. 😀

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